The vinification facility was designed in 2004 with small vats appropriate for micro-crus. These thirty or so small, temperature controlled vats allow for the harvest and vinification by micro-cru, where the fruit from each distinctive soil type within a particular lot is harvested and vinified separately.

This multiplication of lots provides the opportunity, at blending, to maximize the richness and complexity of the wine, much as a painter using a wide palette of colors is able to create a richer and more complex work.

Three varietals, ten micro-crus, a vinification facility created to preserve that diversity, and a spectrum of blending options are the keys to quality for decades to come.


For Pierre Seillan, the ageing of the wines in barrel is the work of an artisan goldsmith. Very early on, Jess Jackson had the foresight to invest in a “merranderie,” a producer of staves, or “merrains,” for supply to cooperages. Pierre Seillan is able to choose the oak he desires to produce the barrels in which the Château Lassègue wines will be aged.

Leaving nothing to chance, Pierre works in close collaboration with cooperage specialists, controlling the phases of the drying process and defining toasting protocols appropriate for aging the different lots produced at Château Lassègue.

In the cellar, the barrels are not branded with names of coopers, but of forests! Pierre chooses from among fifteen different forests and ten toasting protocols to produce these barrels.